We at stark⇄ provide unique expertise in developing enterprise-level solutions that cater to organizations of all levels and sizes.

We produce fully functional online and offline applications using technologies and frameworks like Java, PHP, JSP, .NET, jQuery, prototype, Yii, and struts. We have used different back-end as well like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Ingres and postgresql.

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stark⇄ Manufacturing Execution System helps you take back control in your shopfloor and improve your visibility.

Our system is unique compared to other shopfloor systems available in the market today. We bring the latest web technologies and frameworks in the system thus improving real-time access to information using browser-based computer, peripherals and mobile devices, thus reducing the overhead of doing manual installation on each client machines.

stark⇄ SIMS

stark⇄ SIMS (Short Information Messaging System) utilizes existing SMS technology to bring notification to new heights. Our system integrates with your legacy applications, collects necessary data, even checks emails and sends an alert to targeted groups in your organization based on keywords.

Using the system you can also send query messages on-demand and the information requested will be returned to you based on the collected data.

stark⇄ InFLOW

stark⇄ InFLOW (Inventory Flow) helps you manage the movement of your consumable resources and alerts you whenever you are hitting threshold levels.

The system has a supplier management module so you can add more suppliers and send purchase requests. It also has a POS module which you can use if you have a storefront and can integrate with your e-commerce store.

stark⇄ Reserve

Say dibs to that conference room or equipment. stark⇄ Reservation system manages reservation and loans of reusable resources, whether it be conference rooms, laptops, desktops, other computer peripherals or office equipments.

The application records historical ownership and maintenance done to resources so you are always in the know of who had the last touch.